The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing and enriching the way we live, both at work and during our recreation time. At the core of it are tiny devices called IoT modules that are responsible for connecting virtually anything to wireless networks. As  aworld’s leader in MEMS technology, Hanking Electronics offers a full spectrum of products and services around MEMS solutions, including IoT modules for consumer and industrial applications. HKE IoT modules offer at once low power capabilities, high accuracy and easy adoption.


HKEMT001 – Motion Tracking IoT Module

This consumer module is an ultra low-power BLE 4.1 motion tracking module, which can be used to augment with rich analytics any aspect of our life, by offering deep insights on various aspects of our life, ranging from the correctness of our posture to the precision of our tennis shots.

HKEHP001 – High-Performance Industrial Module

This industrial module is a compact, self-calibrated and self-immunized 9DoF (G+A+M) industrial module, usable in many different scenarios, like stabilized marine antennas, industrial ground transportation robots or equipment monitoring, just to mention a few.