Conference on the Commercialization of Micro/Nano & Emerging Technologies (COMET) sponsored and hosted by Hanking Electronics

Location: Shenyang Sheraton South – Shenyang, China

Date: August 22-25, 2021

Event details:  COMET 2021 Hosted by Hanking Electronics – Hanking Electronics (

COMET Conference Technology Program 

  • MEMS Manufacturing
  • Advanced IC and Memory Technology
  • Nano Technology
  • New Materials
  • Medical, Industrial
  • Transportation and Consumer Applications

Hanking Electronics HQ and Fab – Fushun, China

DAY 1 – Shenyang Sheraton South – Shenyang, China

  • Opening Reception & Registration
  • Full Technical Program – Morning
  • Lunch
  • Full Technical Program – Afternoon
  • Dinner Banquet

DAY 2 – Hanking Electronics Headquarters

  •  Morning tour of Hanking Electric’s 200mm MEMS fab
  • Poster Session

DAY 2 and 3 – Great Wall of China (Optional)

  • Excursion to the Great Wall- return to Shenyang or Beijing

Great Wall, China

Calling for speakers and posters for China COMET 2020

If you are interested in speaking on conference topics selected or have a poster, please contact: Doug Sparks at