Hanking Evaluation (EV) KIT

The HKEEV001 Evaluation kit allows the complete evaluation of the features and the performances of all the Hanking Electronic Sensors. The HKEEV001 provides a complete eco-system including hardware and software, to fully evaluate the Gyroscope/Combo Hanking Electronic Sensors using a PC. Using the USB connection and a PC, it is possible to evaluate the critical parameters and to explore various configurations of the devices under test.

HKEEV001 Evaluation kit Board

HKEEV001 Evaluation kit Board

HKEEV001 Evaluation kit Features

  • Easy Evaluation of the following sensors:
    • HKE21000
    • HKE21002
    • HKE21003
    • HKE21005
    • HKE21100
    • HKE21001/V
    • HKE21106/V
  • 0 Support Needed
  • Power Provided Through the USB
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Proven Schematics
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Windows® Compatible Graphical-User Interface (GUI)
  • HKEEV001 SW Features:
    • 3D Viewer
    • Interrupts Viewer
    • Raw Data Viewers
    • Built-in scripting language
    • Configurable Data Logging capability
    • Contextual help
    • Embedded manuals
    • Interactive register contents modification
    • Assisted search, based on the name of the registers
HKEEV001 Evaluation kit SW

HKEEV001 Evaluation kit SW

HKEEV001 Evaluation Kit Box Contents

  • HKE21DB Development Board
  • HKE21SB Stamp Board with a part number-specific plug-in board
  • USB A-Micro-B Cable
  • HKEEV001 SW download instructions