Hanking Electronics specializes in MEMS design, fabrication and MEMS IMU products and related electronics components. Hanking is China’s first high volume 8″/ 200 mm MEMS foundry located in Fushun, China on over 51 hectares and a 513,950 m2 facility.

Its process capabilities cover those needed for MEMS pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyros, flow sensors and custom services are available for foundry customers. Hanking has an R&D center in Cleveland Ohio and engineering teams in Milan and Pisa, Italy.

Process Capabilities

  • Film Deposition
  • Metal Deposition
  • Thermal
  • Wafer Bonding
  • Etch processes including DRIE and VHF
  • Wet processes
  • Wafer level packaging

Main Processes

1 Film Deposition Hi-K dielectric deposition
Polysilicon deposition
PECVD Oxide deposition
Low Temperature Oxide deposition
Antistiction film coating deposition
2 Metal Deposition Seed layer deposition
Multilayer metal film deposition
Germanium sputtering
3 Thermal Thermal Oxidation
Hi-K dielectric annealing
Oxide layer annealing
4 Wet RCA clean
Wet etch silicon
Post DRIE wet clean
Wet remove photoresist
Pre-furnace clean
5 Wafer Bonding Aluminum Germanium Eutectic bonding
Gold-Silicon Eutectic bonding
6 Etch High aspect ratio etch DRIE
Vapor phase oxide etch
Rapid Silicon etch
Metal etch
Backside etch
Polysilicon etch
Hi-K dielectric etch
Oxide etch
7 Lithography Photoresist coating
Photoresist spray
Full field aligner exposure
DRIE 5x stepper exposure
Lift off