As  aworld’s leader in MEMS technology, Hanking Electronics offers a full spectrum of products and services around MEMS solutions, including IoT modules for consumer and Easy Prototyping Environment.


HKEMT001 – Motion Tracking IoT Module

This consumer module is an ultra low-power BLE 4.1 motion tracking module, which can be used to augment with rich analytics any aspect of our life, by offering deep insights on various aspects of our life, ranging from the correctness of our posture to the precision of our tennis shots. HKE IoT modules offer at once low power capabilities, high accuracy and easy adoption.

EZ-PROTO – Easy Prototyping Environment

Hanking Electronics EZ-PROTO is a complete modular and customizable environment for the Easy Prototyping of new sensors.
Creating a high-quality and eye-catching demo may take time. Developing a flexible and features-rich environment to collect data from a new electronic device can be equally or more challenging
Hanking Electronics EZ-PROTO address both challenges.
Getting started is as simple as plugging in your module and connecting it to the PC.