Motion Tracking IoT Module


Hanking Electronics HKEMT0001 is a highly optimized Motion Tracking IoT Module combining the most accurate 9DoF motion algorithms and sensors, with an embedded FW optimized for the lowest power consumption and the highest data transfer rate.

The high accuracy, the small size and the low power make it suitable for many different applications in the consumer, the medical and the fitness spaces, with either battery powered or cable-powered configurations.


  • “Smart” Sport Equipment
  • “Smart” Sport Garments
  • Motion Capture Suits
  • VR Gloves
  • Rehabilitation Systems


  • Continuously Calibrated Quaternion at 100Hz
  • Continuous Magnetic Interferences removal
  • 1mA DC current in On-Line Mode (BLE TX/RX)
  • 3mA DC current in Off-Line Mode (Data Saving in Flash)
  • 50 Hours of uninterrupted activity in On-Line Mode
  • 2 Hours of data recording in Off-Line Mode
  • Fused and raw data available
  • 1 inch size
  • SDK available for Android, iOS and Windows 10
  • It comes either as a naked PCB or in a plastic enclosure

Product Flyers

HKEMT0001 Flyer (English)
HKEMT0001 Flyer (Chinese 汉语)