Hanking Electronics MEMS technology covers over 75% of all MEMS sensors on a vehicle-internal combustion, hybrid & electric.  Our parts are used by large OEMs, and ODMs including one of S. Korea’s automotive manufacturer and Formula 1 cars.

Many automotive navigation systems contain a gyroscope and/or an accelerometer to navigate via dead reckoning when a GPS signal is temporarily unavailable.

But even then, the user’s experience might be seriously compromised by not having a gyroscope stable enough over time and temperature, or sensitive to shocks and bumps.

That’s why AEC-Q100 qualified Hanking Electronics gyroscopes and IMUs are so successful: state-of-the-art accuracy combined with an un-matched robustness allows delivering the barely best user’s experience even in the most difficult conditions.


  • Navigation
  • Safety
  • Telematics