The world-renowned MUMPs (multi-user shared MEMS process) is a very mature business model for MEMS processing technology. Using MUMPs for MEMS prototyping provides the stability of a standard process to provide customers the best chance of quickly converging on a production design.  Hanking Electronics MUMPs provides three unique complete MEMS process flows: PolyMUMPs, SOIMUMPs, and MetalMUMPs.

We started in 1992 the MUMPs business model has provided a stable fab operation platform and has already completed more than 80 process runs, delivered to hundreds of customers. Hanking Electronics provides timely technical support to customers in Asia and provide enough information to help customers arrive at the best design quickly.

Why choose MUMPs

 The MUMPS process has the advantages of low cost and shorter, standard manufacturing cycle times. Complete standard processes, each process parameters, and process layer is fully understood and detailed records are available. Practical design strategies MUMPs process flow to support business customers and designers from fixed processes and to optimize the design based on this process. This approach will reduce the number of design turns, lower the fixed development costs, reduce obstacles in the function and production process, and therefore is a superior to the design development strategy.

MUMPs Technology

Customers can use the service to modify the standard process with MUMPs-PLUS, by changing the thickness of the order or material. While this may bring increased costs, it will save money versus using an independent design and process. For example, a customer needs the thicker Poly2 layer, he would only pay the cost of all the standard process steps and additional process steps. Mask fees are usually charged in accordance with the standards of the chip area occupancy rate, self-defined customers additional lithography levels.  MUMPs provides shared silicon / multi-project wafer (MPW) services. Designs are submitted every 8-12 weeks  Users receive the 15 processed chips.


Hanking Electronics regularly organizes internship training of MUMPs technology and design software tools. Please request training arrangements from our contact us page.