Hanking Electronics (Liaoning) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. It is a subsidiary of the Hanking Industrial Group Co., Ltd., specializing in MEMS technology. Hanking Electronics focuses on developing, fabrication and marketing MEMS products and related electronics components. It is China’s first 8″​ wafer fab. It provides customers with designing and developing, fabrication processing, volume manufacturing, MEMS foundry, outstanding customer service, and MEMS technology and application consulting. With its expertise in MEMS technology and the volume production of MEMS devices, its core business is to design and fabricate high-end MEMS sensors, MEMS devices and intelligent sensors, sensor network and its related application products in automotive, medical, consumer electronics and industrial control markets. The technical team is comprised of innovative scientists and engineers highly skilled in their areas of expertise working towards rapid commercialization of high performance and low-cost MEMS devices. Hanking Electronics’​ mission is to provide specialized MEMS products in various applications, such as medical, consumer electronics, automotive, etc. At the present time, we are building the MEMS manufacturing facility in the Shenfu new town economic development zone in Liaoning province to open in November 2017.


Italy – Milan/ Pisa 

China – Fushun


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