HKE Executive Team

  Lucy Huang, CEO

Lucy Huang is the President / CEO of Hanking Electronics(Liaoning ) Ltd.  Located in Shenyang, China, Hanking opened the first 200mm IDM MEMS fab offering 3dof and 6dof MEMS IMU, pressure and flow sensor products and MEMS foundry services. She has over 25 years of various MEMS sensor design and fabrication experience.  Prior to HKE she worked at Delphi and Delco Electronics for 10 years in the area of MEMS and integrated circuits.  She publishes over 15 technical papers, has 20 patents and has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Apply Physics in the area of MEMS from Case Western Reserve University.

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Dr. Doug Sparks, Chief Technology Officer/ CTO

Douglas has worked with MEMS devices and manufacturing in China, US, Japan and Europe in automotive, consumer, medical and industrial applications for over 25 years. Since 2011 he has been working in this field in China at Hanking Electronics. He is the Executive Vice President & CTO at Hanking Electronics where they have started up a new MEMS 200mm wafer fab and packaging facility near Shenyang, China.

Prior to joining Hanking he was the founder and president of NanoGetters and the Executive Vice President of Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. where he oversaw its microfluidic product line. He also worked at Delphi Automotive System’s/Delco Electronics in the area of MEMS, wafer fabrication and integrated circuits development.

He has published over 100 technical papers and 47 US patents and holds a Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering from Purdue University.

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Laura Kendall, Chief Global Sales & Marketing Officer/ CIO

Laura has 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, serving in executive roles at Fortune 200 companies. She has held key positions at Newel Rubbermaid (NASDAQ: NWL) and JoAnn Stores (NYSE: JAS), specializing in digital marketing and B2B/ B2C global sales strategies. Most recently she served as a business consultant for Parker Hannifin (NYSE: PH) motion and control technologies, Cleveland Electric Labs specializing in sensors and fiber optics, and Nicopress for electro-mechanical connectivity applications.

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