Hanking Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1982, focusing on the businesses of mining, metallurgy, commerce, precision manufacturing and MEMS (Micro-electromechanical Systems) sensors. It is a share ownership enterprises group founded by a non-public sector organization. Hanking Group was ranked highly in three national corporate lists in 2007, namely  “Top 100 Taxpaying Private Company in China”, “Top 100 Companies in Ferrous Metal Mining, Ore Concentrating Industry” and “Top 500 Taxpaying Enterprises in China”, with average annual paid taxes in excess of RMB 410 million.

Hanking Mining was the group’s first business. The guideline of “Safety, Cleanliness, High Quality and High Efficiency” has been thoroughly implemented in its mining business since 1994. The enterprise has 10 ferrous ore mines located in Fushun, Benxi, and Liaoyang. They possess reserves of several hundred million tons of recoverable iron ore, with the annual processing capacity of 2 million tons of iron concentrates.. Hanking has set up 17 mineral resource exploration projects in Liaoning, Jilin, Tibet, and Yunnan, covering iron, gold, and copper mines. In 2009, Hanking invested heavily in the acquisition of a laterite-nickel ore project in southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, striving to build this into a significant nickel resource processing and export base for Asia in just 3 years and was sold in 2018. In September 2011, China Hanking Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 03788) was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company completed its initial public offering of 459,000,000 shares at a price of HK$2.51 per Share. It marked Hanking’s formal entrance into the global capital markets.

In 2011, after acquiring the second largest state-owned department store in Fushun, Hanking Group transformed it into the Hanking Department Store. In 2004, the Group successfully extended its business to the provincial capital, Shenyang, and transformed the Zhongjie North Trading Tower into the Shenyang Hanking Department Store, 0101 Fashion Mall— Zhongjie Shopping Mall, which was the first one with a youth-themed mall in the province. In May 2010, the Hanking Group leased a business area of 35 thousand square meters, close to the Shenyang North Railway Station and transformed it into “0101 Fashion Mall— Rich Gate Shopping Mall. So far, three Fashion Malls form Hanking’s theme chain store development strategy which has laid the foundation for Hanking Commerce’s future expansion.

Fushun Hanking Direct Reduced Iron Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. In recent years, by taking advantage of its resource superiority, the company developed high-purity “Hanking” cast iron products, such as casting iron for wind power, casting iron for nuclear power generation, with a market share of over 50%. It is listed as national key pilot enterprises of high quality cast iron.

Shenyang Toyo Steel Co., Ltd founded on December 3, 1993, is a Sino-Japanese joint venture enterprise for producing special steel.
In 2004, Hanking Group has financed the acquisition of the Chinese equity portion of Shenyang Toyo Steel Co., Ltd and updated the technology for the production line and equipment, such as steel-making and steel rolling, with an annual production capacity of 600,000-tons of high quality steel bars.

In 2010, with a total fixed investment of RMB 1.2 billion, Hanking large-scale industrial precision bearing project was established in Shenyang Economic Development Zone. Using Hanking’s bearing steel as raw material, the project aims to produce a substitute for imported high-end bearings in China, with its annual production reaching 1.2 million pieces when fully completed. Hanking bearing will contribute to China’s bearing industry upgrade.

In February, 2011, Hanking Micro-Electro Mechanical Sensor Industry Park project was started up in Shenfu New Town, in the Fushun Development Zone. The project will promote the development of related industries, attracting a large amount of networking and sensor manufacturing companies here. When the project is completed, the annual total output is expected to reach RMB 10 billion and may form a local industry on the scale of RMB 100 billion. By then, the industrial park project will be a giant leap for Hanking Group’ high-tech development, and will also raise Liaoning province’s high and new technology competitiveness.